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Mamamangha Ka Sa Glow Up Transformation Ng Babaeng Ito


At some point in our childhood, we’ve wished to grow up to be beautiful and gorgeous. Fairytales always had beautiful princesses which was probably why princes offered to be their knight in shining armor. It had always affected every little girl’s thinking that one must be beautiful to get swept up by a prince.

One lady in particular went viral on social media after sharing her childhood photo. In the photo, she was a decent looking child but with darker skin. If one saw her walking down the street, one would simply ignore her.

Nevertheless, if someone were to see her walking down the street, people would surely stare at her in amazement. She definitely way beautiful from the little girl she was before.

Her name is Alexis Corbi and she’s a Filipina. Her facial features screams that of a true Filipina but her skin tone is slightly fairer than average.

She’s currently studying Bachelor of Science in Tourism at Dela Salle University. She dreams of becoming a flight attendant someday. Judging by her personality, she’s definitely within the standards of a flight attendant.

She’s recently been an internet sensation because of her childhood photos. She looks like an average Filipina child with morena skin when she was 7 years old. Yet now, she looks stunning! Many had even idolized her for her amazing transformation. Some jokingly placed a caption, “When Puberty Hits You Hard” using her childhood picture vs her current photo.

Netizens also noticed her drastic change in fashion. She used to look so conservative in her old photos but now, her fashion screams confidence. She aged beautifully, much like a wine would. People also pointed out that she’s like a butterfly who was once a caterpillar and now a beautiful butterfly.

When she was asked if she used whitening products (as most women would in their teenage years) she claims that she did not. One explanation she gave about her skin color changing from morena to a fairer one was that because she rarely goes out of the house. Neither did she undergo any cosmetic surgery. Her looks are all God-given and she’s truly grateful.

She shared on her social media account, “I never used any whitening supplements nor undergo any surgery!!! Thank you. PS. Hindi na din ako nag lalalabas ng bahay nung high school kasi inaasar na akong negra.”

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