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A Girl graduated from college and became a licensed teacher, with the help of her loving and responsible boyfriend


Happy and proud shared on social media by a young woman that she has graduated from college as Cum Laude, and even passed the board exam to become a professional teacher because of her diligence and perseverance in learning, and with the help of of her super supportive and loving boyfriend.

The story of the couple Ray Mark De Martin and Blessy Parreno went viral on social media. This is after the said young woman shared that her boyfriend’s sacrifice and hard work was a big part of her graduation.

In a Facebook post, Blessy shared her boyfriend’s perseverance to help her finance her studies. According to Blessy, Ray Mark allegedly entered various honorary jobs just to help her with the expenses and other necessities of her college education.

Blessy said her boyfriend worked as a rice porter, construction worker, cook, and is now an OIC at one of the Mang Inasal branches. The girl also recounted the judgments they had received from other people who seemed to be upsetting to know that her boyfriend was teaching her. However, this did not cause him to be discouraged but he continued his studies even more.

Blessy said in her post,
“We both endured, worked hard and endured everything we had”.
“Hard??? YES, too much, lots of gossip, negative thoughts and judgment! Kesyo will also leave you after he graduates, why will you suffer there, eh you don’t have that kind of thing.
“I rubbed my face several times. I was encouraged. And by the grace of God, we have overcome everything. ”

With the perseverance and sacrifice that Ray Mark made just to help her with her studies, Blessy worked even harder and improved her studies as a return to her boyfriend. At her graduation where she earned the honor of being Cum Laude, her boyfriend Ray Mark was one of her most grateful.

Blessy’s heartfelt message for her boyfriend,
“A heartfelt thank you, RM De Martin, if you are not here, I will not get anywhere. I am here, you hope, I will not leave you and repay you for all you’re suffering. ”

Aside from the pity the couple felt when Blessy graduated from college as Cum Laude, the two were even happier when the result of the 2019 Licensure Examination for Teachers came out where Blessy was blessed and successfully  passed.

Blessy also gave a message for everyone before she finished her post.

“To all who read, all the children in school, do not waste the suffering of your loved one, always remember that everything has a good result, when combined with effort, perseverance, perseverance, and above all trust in the Lord Creator.”

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