Man Used 100,000 Plastic Bottles To Build His Very Own Island


For decades, one major problem that destroys the ecosystem is plastic waste. Hundreds of movements and organizations fight and makes a move to reduce plastic waste but one man came up with an idea to use them to build his very own island.

Richard Sowa is an Architect and an Environmentalist and built his own island using 100,000 pieces of plastic bottles. He also built his own house on said articial island and has been living there since 2008.

This 61-year old hails from Middleborough, Yorkshire had an amazing vision in recycling plastic bottles.

He had been toying with the idea of building an island made out of plastic waste for a couple of decades back and even made his first small islet in 2005 called Spiral Island. However, heavy weather conditions had destroyed it which only fueled his vision to build another one much sturdier and in peaceful waters like a lagoon.

This time he built a sturdier 25-meter long island which even hurricanes cannot break down. Using bamboo for the frame, and air-filled plastic bottles, he built the foundation of his island. He used 100,000 plastic bottles to have enough bouyancy to hold the house and everything they will be needing on the island. He filled the foundation with wooden pellets and sand, enough to grow plants.

The work took seven years to finish and what a wonder he had created. One might even say he had found the ultimate solution for the plastic waste problem. Who knows, maybe in the future, corporations would opt to build their resorts this way.

He called the island, Joyxee Island, his personal mother-nature-approved paradise island. He even built a three-storey house on it made of shells and sustainable materials.

The house sports two bedrooms, three showers, a kitchen, internet access and a washing machine. He uses solar electricity to power the house, and a 100ft cable connected to shore to provide him with safe drinking water.

However, they can also drink rain water using water trinkling from conch shells. He also grows his own fruits and herbs on the island and aims to be self-sufficient.

He is now enjoying his life on the island with former Japanese model, Jodi Bowlin who had given a feminine touch on the island and quickly adapted the life on it.

Mexican Authorities had no qualms on Joyxee and sees it as a eco-boat and requires the island to have all the emergency necessities like a fire extinguisher, emergency kits and ring buoys.

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