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From Passion to Fame: Vlogger from Odiongan, Romblon attracts GMA-7 for travel content


What would it feel to work for something you’re passionate about? Won’t it feel like you’re not working at all ’cause you’re doing something you love?

A 28-year old vlogger named John Aries C. Bejer, who’s behind “The Aries Diaries”, posted a short clip on his facebook account. It was titled, “Yung malapit na ang valentines pero single ka pa rin..” and gained 75.7k reactions, 13k comments, 50k+ shares and 3 million views.

Even though having a vlog isn’t easy, Aries enjoys the perks of having one. He shared a time that he was sponsored to do a vlog for a hotel in Boracay. He was allowed to stay 3days and 2 nights on the hotel for free.

He admitted that he felt overwhelmed when brands approach him to ask him for a sponsored content. Oftentimes, they would offer to pay him for his services even though he feels like experience is enough. He says, “Nakakakilig! Nahihiya na nga ako minsan magpabayad kasi ayoko naman magmukhang freeloader, pero minsan sila talaga ‘yung nagiinsist na magbayad at magbigay ng gifts.”

His trending video was apparently the one who opened up opportunities to him and for him to be recognized in his passion. PGAG for one, approached him to collaborate with him. He also had the chance to meet a lot of people in the industry and made connections.

His “The Aries Diaries” had made way for him to use as a platform where he can inspire people. He shares in a statement, “Syempre I get to do my advocacy, which is to inspire and be a major mover in the lives of the youth. Nagiging voice nila ako, and also ang dami ko ring napapasaya na tao sa videos ko.”

His passion for vlogging about locations caught the eye of a GMA’s Unang Hirit. They’ve approached him to do a video for their segment, “Touristar”, to showcase the beauty of his hometown, Romblon.

For aspiring vloggers, he urges them to be themselves and do not pretend on the videos they make. He shares, “Mas minamahal ng mga tao ‘yung taong honest” and then added, “Maarte at makulit ako sa loob at labas ng bahay namin, hehe.”

As a son to his parents, he describes himself as a loving son who wants nothing for his parents but to have a happy and comfortable life.

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