Depressed couple fought together, now wins together


Love really can conquer all as long as both parties are willing to fight. One couple proves every rumor, that once swirled around them, wrong as they now aim for success together.

Netizens fell in love and got inspired in a facebook post by Gracel Jane Arnaiz as she recollected the hurdles she and her partner have gone through.

She posted photos of their future home which is currently under construction. In the caption, she wrote their story as a couple and the trail to success they are now walking hand-in-hand together.

She started by her recollection of their graduation as she revealed that she was 9 months pregnant when she attended her graduation. She admitted it was not easy hearing the rumors and how people thought that she would be nothing for being pregnant at such a young age and out of wedlock.

No wonder grace was depressed at the time, hearing all the bad things people are saying about her really affected her.

Her partner, Paolo, stood by her and helped her through out everything. Together they dreamed and worked hard to be able to build a house their family can call home.

She posted a photo of each construction phase their house was in. From the foundation, hollow blocks, temporary roofing and to the latest photo of their house. She caption every single one, sharing how they had to stop the construction during the lockdown because they couldn’t afford it at the time.

Grace contiued her post by telling everyone that she was aiming for her post be able to be an inspiration to others who’s facing a hard time especially at these trying times.

The couple apparently was selling medical supplies online which became their source of income. It’s not easy to be an online seller, establishing trust and having to manage your social media accounts, being your own staff is not an easy task to do.

Grace even commented not to underestimate online sellers because being one is a huge work.

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