Overcoming Discrimination and Hardships, Jeoffrey Mambucon becomes first Tigwahanon-Manobo Doctor


One would think that to be able to get education, one must have money. It is partially true but another ingredient to be able to finish your degree is to have motivation.

The story of Jeoffrey Mambucon went viral online after he shared his experience and hardships before earning the honor of being the first Tigwahanon-Manobo Doctor.

Hailing from San Fernando, Bukidnon, he is a proud Tigwahanon-Monobo which is part of the lumad groups in Mindanao. He strived to finish highschool to bring honor to his parents but when the Overseas Missionary Fellowship Scholarship Committee came to their tribe, they sent him to College in Davao.

Jeoffrey admitted he initially wanted to take up Education but a missionary convinced him to take up nursing because they have a medical ministry and apparently only had one nurse. He then pursued Nursing at University of Mindanao in Davao City and then in 2010 he passed the board exam and became a registered nurse.

By this time he thought of serving his fellow indigent people but after working at Bukidnon Provincial Hospital – San Fernando, he saw the demand in doctors. The missionaries and his co-workers then encouraged him to pursue medicine, a challenge which he gladly did.

He did doubt himself if he could do it but he continued on. It took him 2 years before he attained a full scholarship and according to him, La Salle gave him the opportunity.

He shared that he never dreamed of becoming a doctor because in their tribe, they are married by the age of 12 via arrange marriage.

His father was apparently the Datu of their tribe but died. His mother now lives with his siblings and works as a farmer.

He recalled all the things he’d been through before graduating in medicine. He faced insults, discriminations and discouragement from various people. He became a gleaner, weeder, daily laborer, tree trimmer in the mountains, and became a working student to reach his dreams.

He graduated via virtual ceremony on June 30, 2020, finishing his degree in Medicine at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

By the end of his post, he thanked everyone who supported him including his tribe who always made him feel like a celebrity whenever he comes home.

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