Places that people often go not knowing those places were once Cemeteries


People often love hanging out with their friends at malls or spend their time with their loved ones praying in a church or sitting in the park. Nevertheless, there are some public places that were once a place where people bury their dead but is now a mall or a park.

It could be because of recent developments that people had turned these burial grounds for places of entertainment or leisure but still, we have listed seven places that were once a cemetery.

. Paco Park
This famous park in Malate, Manila was once a cemetery called Paco Cemetery. In an Interview with the executive director of the National Parks Development Committee, Penelope Belmonte, she explained that the bodies buried in Paco Cemetery were from prominent families. Well known personalities such as Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal were once buried in Paco Cemetery. Even GomBurZa; Marianio Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora were also once buried in the 4,000 square-meter park.

. Harrison Plaza
Located in Malate, Manila, Harrison Plaza was one of the first shopping malls to grace the country, Harrison Plaza was also built in a former burial ground. Apparently, the land was formerly called, Ermita cemetery and the area was formerly called Fort de San Antonio de Abad. The fort was built during the Spanish colonial but then turned into a bulwark and then turned into storage for gunpowder. After the war, the bodies were buried in the land in which afterward became Harrison Plaza.

. Starmall Alabang
One of nine Starmall locations in the Philippines, Starmall Alabang continues to serve as a mall for entertainment and leisure since the 1990’s. However, the land in which it stands was previously the Alabang Cemetery. Owned by Manuel Villar who stood as the second richest man in the country in 2018, he owns a lot of shopping mall chains with estimated net worth of $5 Billion in the reports of US magazine, Forbes.

. Remedios Circle
A park in Malate, Manila where it stands in the middle of the traffic to serve as a park and hang out for the townspeople, Remedios Circle was formerly known as Malate, Cemetery. As if Malate needed another burial grounds, according to the documentary collected by GMA 7’s Investigative Documentaries, the original Remedios Circle was ruined in the second world war. During the rebuilding of Remedios Circle, it was reported that the land contained human remains and antique items that must have dated way back. The human remains were transferred to Manila South Cemetery and now Remedios Circle is a place for a bustling night life.

. Plaza Cristo Rey
Plaza Cristo Rey lies in Poblacion, Makati as a place for social events, hangouts and occasional bazaars. However, according to records, it was formerly the San Pedro de Macati Cemetery which existed way back in 1892.

. Espiritu Santo Parish Church
Archdiocesan Shrine of Espiritu Santo located in Sta. Cruz Manila stands today as an old respected church but as it happens, it was built on a former burial ground. The church was built in 1926 and the Espiritu Santo Parochial School was inaugurated in 1947. Nevertheless, there have been sufficient evidence that it was a former burial ground and was closed in 1913 due to “health concerns”.

Most Holy Trinity Parish Church
Most Holy Trinity Parish was built in 1932, however, it’s history was much more interesting. In 1884, it used to be Balic-Balic Cemetery but when 1896 revolution came around, it was used as a hiding place of the American soldiers during Philippine-American War. The Cemetery were never the same again as it closed in 1925.

There you have it, may it be war or developments by rich benefactors, these buildings were once burial grounds that served as a resting place for the dead.

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