This woman spent ECQ days by completing 20 Online Courses from Ivy League Schools


Some people unwillingly stayed at home during ECQ and some used the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. However, one online shopping manager spent her time studying online and gained 20 certificates of online classes from Ivy League schools.

It may have been the oddest thing one might do when faced with a lot of free time in their hands but we believe it is the wisest thing to do.

Paula Dahlia Mendoza had already been featured in History Channel 3 months in a row for visiting provinces in the Philippines all under three months. In fact, she is the first Filipino ever to be featured on the Channel.

Aside from that feat, she is also the Head of Lazada Peers, a motivational speaker, and a financial advisor. She was formerly an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi for two years.

This 28-year old from Makati is a dynamite in earning for a living. Just like most of us, she also lost her job because of the pandemic, but instead of playing the blame game, she focused on her self-improvement by availing the free online courses offered online.

The courses she took were all from Ivy League schools, in different countries, you’d be surprised she all finished the course within 20 days.

According to her she started with one free online course in a day. She happened to realize that she could keep on learning and continued to take one course per day.

She encourages everyone to keep on learning even on the simplest things. She believes that a person can give more if that person have the capability and have something to give.

Among the schools and courses she took are: Social Media Advertising (University of Colorado), Dynamic Public Speaking (University of Washington), Strengthening your Widening Network (National University of Singapore) and many more.

Apparently, Mendoza took these free online courses at and took the advantage of learning something for free. In an interview for CNN, Mendoza described her experience as “exciting” and she felt like she’s in a real class.

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