DTI plans to strengthen e-commerce in the Philippines by asking Facebook to let them access database of online sellers


Online selling has been the majority’s source of income nowadays because of the pandemic, COVID-19, affecting businesses, employment and the country’s economy.

Over 7.3 Million Filipino workers lost jobs because of the global pandemic this 2020 and so those people had to resort looking for a source of income online.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has approached facebook to let their consumer protection group access the social networking database of said online sellers. It is to ensure the consumer’s protection and avoid scams.

E-commerce activity had grown in the country, trade secretary Ramon Lopez hopes that facebook will strengthen consumer awareness programs for the protection of the consumers.

There are around 75,029 online business in the Philippines that has registered from January to October of 2020. With these in mind, Lopez aims to strengthen the e-commerce sector by updating the e-Commerce Act of 2000. It has been twenty years since the bill was passed and the law would need tweaking to be appropriate in the new generation of e-commerce businesses.

Only the enforcement authorities are allowed to access the database and information as of now but Lopez hopes to add the agency’s consumer protection sector.

Facebook is not the only company the agency is planning to work with, they are also reaching out to Google, Lazada and Shoppee. Apparently, Google has recorded 13,000 businesses in the Philippines who have registered their businesses in Google Maps.

As for Shoppee and Lazada, Lopez are looking for ways to help micro SME’s grow and have their products get a wider range of exposure. He is hoping these platforms could help micro SME’s that are still brick and mortar, go digital.

This way, consumers can enjoy and will opt for online shopping this coming Christmas season and all the days afterwards. All the products that were not available online will be accessible now and can be ordered from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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