36-year old mom graduates with her daughter as her classmate


Juggling your time for school work can be very tough but spending late nights parenting and school work is an incredible feat.

Ira Baldonaza, had to bring her daughter to class thus calling her child, a classmate. Her daughter was born with a G6PD, a condition in which the child lacks an enzyme called G6PD and if fed by the wrong type of food could cause hemolytic amemia. It could lead to kidney failure or even death.

So to assure her safety, Ira brings her daughter to classes and breastfeeds her with the understanding of her professors and the school administration.

Depite her age, she decided to continue taking classes for her course Elementary Education in which she’s taking up on Eastern Samar University. To add to the things people may talk behind her back, she’s bringing her child to school. Depite all the challenges she is facing, she just shrugs them off and continues on.

According to Ira, she felt that learning is a lifelong process but part of her motivation to keep on reaching her dreams was her baby Tania Carmel Jois.

She described her experiece during her 4th year with baby Tania to be so hard but she manged to push through. Apparently Ira was already on her 4th year when she gave birth to Tania. She admitted that she wants to give up finishing her college degree but the people around her reprimaded her that she should finish her studies.

And that’s what she did. At first she thought it would be easy because she can leave Tania at home but her having G6PD made it impossible. The school do not allow such things but her child having G6PD managed to get their approval.

She even shared photos of Tania at school, and thanked the shool’s staff for the support and allowing her to take her baby with her.

Ira is currently taking up Basic English course in Tesda. Her post went viral and inspired many women who’s been in her shoes and also people who were having doubts if then should continue their studies.

Many netizens commented that they were in the same dilemma but had also decided to finish and get their degrees in college.

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