Story of success of a Junkshop Boy who became an Engineering Dean’s Lister


The struggle to make a living affects everyone in their own way. It may be different for each person but the challenges thrown our way should give motivation for us to be better.

What would be the best gift a child could give to his or her parents?

Our parents make efforts to fund our schooling and give us a better life. For one man, he felt like the best gift he could ever give his parents is finish schooling. Not only to be able to finish education but to have honors and be the best he can be.

Engineer Jayvee Calayag shared his story on social media way back in 2016. His post was not to brag his recent achievements but to share to the world what came to be his motivation to study hard.

He finished studying Engineering in Bulacan State University in 2019 and again he left a heart warming message for his family and the people who supported him and cheered for him.

His story was even featured in bear brand. According to Engr. Calayag, he knew how hard it is to earn money in an early age. He used to go together with his parents in collecting scrap to sell in a junkyard since he was in elementary school. It was not easy when majority of the junk are smelly and dirty.

He even shared how lucky he was when he was 6-months old and had to give up his left kidney stone.

He felt like it was his second life and promised to dedicated his life to helping his family. He admitted that at some point he was not able to help his parents because he was studying hard.

But all those hardships paid off, and Engr. Calayag just recently bought his father a new tricycle for his use.

Calayag currently works as a Quality engineer for a semi conductor company and a financial advisor.

Calayag ended his letter thanking his friends and people who believed in him and supported him all through out.

The heartfelt letter hopefully reaches a lot of kids who understands the pain and love a child can give his parents.

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