Implementation of Seven Commandments of DTI in Malls and Commercial Centers


This time of pandemic, the essential industries is allowed to continue operation because they are the one who supply the necessities of the people. Like the opening of the mall and the commercial centers, are allowed to have operational capacity. In this act, the safety precautionary measures are strictly implemented for the health of the people, in avoidance to the spreading diseases of COVID-19.

Where DTI imposed guidelines to continue this operation but in accordance to the health protocols. The memorandum circle no. 20-25 series 2020, was circulated based on the pulse survey of National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), 39 % of Filipinos saying that the Government should balance the COVID-19 and the economy, particularly in National Capital Region, and 20% of Filipinos saying that Government should focus in the opening of the economy.

NEDA recommended the shift of the policy by revisiting the Government’s objectives and resume social and economic activities subject to observance of the minimum health standards. Whereas, the health experts come up with the strict implementation of seven commandments.

  1. Wearing of proper face masks
    People should always wear their face masks inside and outside of the premises. To avoid the spreading of the virus.
  2. Wearing of face shields
    People should partner their face shield to their face mask for the total covering of the face in avoidance of the spreading virus.
  3. No talking and No eating (in public transportation and similar setting like confined areas and crowded places)
    People should avoid talking and eating in the public areas or even inside the establishment to avoid crowdedness and to observe social distancing, take out for food must allowed.
  4. Adequate Ventilation
    The area should have proper ventilation to avoid the isolation of the virus to the area, air-conditioned places must prohibited.
  5. Frequent and proper disinfection
    People must have their disinfection from time to time as part of their hygiene, to avoid the contact of the virus.
  6. Symptomatic of COVID-19 positives must be isolated
    People of have the symptoms of COVID-19 must not go out and should be isolate from others to avoid the spreading of the virus. If people have already experiencing this, must consult to the health experts to conduct precautionary measures.
  7. Appropriate physical distancing
    People must observed social distancing to avoid physical contact to each other and for the avoidance of the spreading virus.

The expansion of the age that is allowed to go out are strictly implemented 15 years old below and 65 years old above are not allowed because they are prone to the adaptability of the virus. This implementation has a strict compliance of inspection of the offices of DOLE, DOH and LGU Health Offices for the continue monitoring. People must cooperate and do their responsibility as an individual for the sake of the country, especially now Christmas is coming to town.

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