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Architect in Romblon leaves Netizens in Awe after posting two of his Residential Projects


Majestic structures often catches our eye but well designed buildings are admired. In social media, one Architect shared the story of two of his residential projects.

“Architect paki-ayos naman tong bahay ko please” [Architect, please fix my house.] Was the plea of one client that came to him in despe ration because he started his house without an Architect.

Architect Ian Galindez Familara who hails from Odiongan, Romblon recently posted a before and after photo of his client’s house in Odiongan, Romblon. The results are impressive and netizens are left in awe.

Apparently, the client had started building his house but faced difficulties along the way leaving him to ask Arch. Familara for help. When Arch. Familara did the occular, he found a lot of things that will be needing redos and tons of work. Needless to say, he transformed the bland looking house to something worthy to be a cover of a magazine. The transformation was truly amazing which garnered the post of 16k reactions and 10k shares.

Arch. Familara urges the public to hire an Architect not only for Aesthetic purposes but also for the safety of the inhabitants. He says, “My goal is to introduce to people that they need an Architect for the design and planning of their house. That should be the first step.”

Another one of his projects also gained the same attention on social media after posting photos of the existing look of the house and the rendered perspective. On this post, Arch. Familara shares that the Architect, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Interior Designer, Master Plumber and Landscape Architect should work harmoniously on a project to build a safe and functional house for their clients.

The post garnered 41k reactions and 36k shares in social media, adhering to the client’s wishes of having a minimalist design with white and dark gray palette.

The talent and skill in play on these two posts are proof enough that Filipino Professionals are globaly competitive.

Arch. Familara admitted that he used to be a timid kid in school. He slowly built his confidence along with his motivation in reaching his dreams. Born in a humble family, he witnessed how his parents worked hard to support his education. When asked what is his biggest achievement, he answered, “my biggest achievement for real is to fulfill my parents’ dream to become a well-known architect in Romblon.”

He also shared a proud moment in his life when he was invited as a guest speaker in his alma mater, Rizal Elementary School in Odiongan, Romblon. Another was a renovation project of a Mansion in Ayala Alabang Village, “that’s one of my favorite works dahil bihira ang makapasok sa Ayala Alabang Village lalo na kung baguhan pa lang.”

Reaching out to young aspiring architects, he says, “Huwag mag madali. Take the process, gather experience, learn new skills, be humble and never stop learning.”

Arch. Familara graduated elementary at Rizal Elementary School, took up highschool in Romblon National Highschool and finished his Architectural Degree in Technological Institute of the Philippines. He was awarded top 3 Best Thesis in Design 9 and top 5 Best Thesis in Design 10 5th year. He took up the 2-year required apprenticeship and then passed the Architectural Board exam in 2015.

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