Richest Prince Bachelor in Brunei , Prince Abdul Mateen Is In Search For His Future Bride


A prince looking for his future bride sounds like a phrase from a fairytale so it is no surprise of you’re doubtful if such prince exists in this day and age. But don’t be mad at Disney yet, this prince is really looking for his bride and whoever she might be, she sure is one lucky lady.

Prince of Brunei, Prince Abdul Mateen is a modern prince of this day and age. This 27-year old prince is not shy of showing off his wealth, in fact, he posts on his Instagram account about his lifestyle and princely activities.

He is the 10th son of His Magesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, and is apparently being nominated by his parents to become a groom next year because he is now in the legal marrying age. It is apparent he is making all the efforts to abide the royal decree.

It is no surprise that the prince has a huge social followers as he is charming and is said to have impeccable manners.

The strapping royal prince has white tiger cubs and ocelots as his beloved pets. Oftentimes he posts photos of them on his instagram including a leopard cub by his bed and his tiger cub walking beside him by the beach.

He went to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in UK and earned the rank of second leutenant in 2011.

But his days are not all princely responsibilities, like most of us, he also loves hanging out with his friends and watching movies.

Like all princes he lives in a palace with 1877 rooms. This Brunei Palace has Gold, Diamonds, Gems and Silver embedded as ornaments and as decorative pieces inside. If that isn’t luxuruous enough, he also owns 50 Mercedes Benz, 66 Ferrari, 20 Bentley, 20 BMW, 17 Jaguar, 10 Rolls Royce, 15 Porsche, 3 Lamborghini and a plane which were studded in gold, gems, diamonds and precious stones.

Seeing the prince most likely have everything he could want, a bride might just make all his days extra special.

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