30 Billion, Modern Bridge in Cebu is Half-way done and opens in 2021


Hailed as the most beautiful cable-stayed bridge in the Philippines, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) is 50% complete as of writing. It aims to link two islands, Cebu to Cordova in Mactan Island, with total length of 8,500m.

Stands as one of the longest bridge in the country, the CCLEX was designed by the Spanish infrastructure company Acciona. One of the highlights in the design of the the bridge is illuminated cross sign on top of the two pylons.

Constructed by Cebu Link Joint Venture (CLJV), together with First Balfour Inc., the consortium of Acciona and DM Consunji Inc., the bridge was set to open on year 2021.

Acciona manager, Ruben Camba, explains that some of the mission of CCLEX is to alleviate traffic of existing bridges from Cebu to Mactan and also to connect Cebu to the Urban parts of Cordova to improve its local economy. The bridge will provide faster travel option to all three islands.

It’s soon to become the most beautiful modern bridge in the Phillippines with 650 meter cables with a span of 390 meters between pylons. It’s no surprise that the bridge will be counted as one of Cebu’s iconic landmarks.

It will have two lanes each direction and because it also aims to improve local economic trading, it has a 51 meter clearance for big trucks and container vans.

It will also improve tourism growth for the Visayas islands since Cebu has access to domestic flights and the tollway will improve connectivity between islands.

The bridge started its construction in 2017 but the Cebu Provincial Board approved of the project since 2016. The funding is a mix of loans from different banks, equity and internal cash to sum up the total amount of Php. 27.9 Billion.

The CCLEX is currently Acciona’s largest project in the country with more than 2,500 workers in their payroll building the bridge to completion.w

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