James Reid’s “ruggedly handsome” look gets comments on social media


Actor James Reid recently changed his look and its creating a storm in social media. Nowadays with the global pandemic hanging above our heads, we see actors and famous personalities trying something new.

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May it be a new work environment, a business, an online platform for themselves or a style transformation, they’re really up and about and social on what’s new in their lives.

So when James Reid surprised fans and netizens on his new look, a storm of comments of approval and criticism flooded online.

Out with the old ‘streetwear, boy-next-door’ look and in with James Reid 2.0 with that ‘rugged, mature’ style. You can also see he’s somewhat got bulkier than before which only added to his charm. Some netizen felt like he looks like Brad Pitt while others think he resembles Chris Hemsworth, among famous holywood celebrities who sported that long hair rugged look.

It is not clear whether he did it for a change or was preparing for an upcoming role. Although, it has been reported that he is about to star in a romantic series with k-pop idol, Nancy McDonie of MOMOLAND. The series has the title, “Soulmate Project” and will be directed by Antoinette Jadone.

On the otherhand, bashers pointed out the added weight evident on Reid’s recent public appearance. On the photo posted by celebrity makeup artist, Mac Igarta, bashers pointed out the added ‘meat on his cheeks’.

After bashers having a field day on the comment section, Reid posted on his social media expressing his side along the lines of not having to ask permission to anyone about his look.

What’s mind boggling is that the bashers were actually his own fans who used to support him in all his projects and movies.

Nevertheless, Reid has a successful career in the showbiz industry and won awards from his movies. His upcoming series is a much-awaited show that both his and Nancy’s fans could not stop talking about.

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