Looking at Moderna 10 years from now


Moderna is a biotech company which whom U.S. is relying for the COVID-19 Vaccine. They are currently undergoing the third clinical stage before the vaccine can be claimed as effective and safe for worldwide distribution.

Now people are curious about Moderna, and probably wondering where will it be in 10 years? Will their discovery of a vaccine take them to more advance research in medical history? Let’s take a look.

The biotech company’s flagship product being the COVID-19 vaccine – mRNA-1273 has made them the talk of the town.

Apparently, the company plans on filing emergency use authorization in late November 2020 from the Food and Drug Administration. Odds are, the company will pass the third stage of clinical testing. It will get FDA approved which will make the vaccine a huge success for the company and a worldwide demand for it.

The only question is, will its competitors be able to beat mRNA-1273 in its effectiveness against COVID-19?

If it happens that it will stand the best than its competitors, it will rake in huge bucks for the company. If the opposite happens, it will still be in demand as people may need said vaccine annually as prevention from the virus.

mRNA was introduced as a vaccine that can also treat many diseases. This could lead Moderna to innovate more vaccines and products in the market.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine is among of the four programs the company is currently developing in a phase 2 clinical testing. The CMV could help prevent babies from having CMV which appears in one of 200 babies. 20 percent of babies with CMV may experience long-term health problems.

In addition, the company believes that its mRNA series of vaccines can also deal with cancer. It’s mRNA-2416 program aims for solid tumors and lymphoma. In fact, a vaccine is already in its development phase by moderna and Merck. AstraZeneca is also another vaccine the company is developing to deal with coronary artery disease.

Vaccines that are in the early stage clinical tests now might become available in the public by 2030.

Nevertheless, there are speculations that Moderna might get bought by some big players in the stock market. So it may not even exist 10 years from now as one entity but might get bought by some other company. It’s possible success in for the vaccine of the novelcoronavirus is the beginning.

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