A Third FOY in 2010, Bob Arum is cautious about match up cost of Pacquiao’s fight


After the Ring Magazine began to offer acknowledgment to the best warrior of the year in the last part of the 1920s, just seven fighters have won the yearly honor twice in succession. This selective gathering included Joe Louis who won it in 1938-39; Rocky Marciano in 1954-55; Ingemar Johanson in 1958-59; Joe Frazier in 1970-71; Muhammad Ali in 1974-75; Evander Holyfield in 1996-97; and Manny Pacquiao in 2008-2009.

Per record, two warriors might have won more than two continuously, specifically Louis and Pacquiao. Louis in the wake of winning the honor in 1936 yet was upstaged by Henry Armstrong in 1937 and subsequent to winning twice in succession in 1938-39 was upstaged by rival Billy Conn for the honor in 1940. What’s more, Pacquiao after first winning the honor in quite a while upstaged by Floyd Mayweather in 2007 and in the wake of winning consecutive in 2008-2009 was beaten for the distinctions in 2010 by Sergio Martinez. For the record, Muhammad Ali holds the record for the most number of FOY grants with six followed by Louis with four and Frazier, Holyfield and Pacquiao with three each. How elite was this gathering? Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather could just show two FOY grants which they won in various years at that. You realize what, Pacquaio could have attached Louis with four out of 2007 or in 2010.

Pacquiao couldn’t coordinate Mayweather’s record in 2007 where he could just show minor title prevails upon Jorge Solis and Marco Antonio Barrera in their rematch when contrasted with Floyd’s reality title triumphs over Ricky Hatton and Oscar de la Hoya. However, Pacquiao might have made a more grounded offer for a first historically speaking third consecutive Fighter of the Year grant in 2010 had Bob Arum not returned to his old propensity for cautious matchmaking. Note that by late 2009 after Manny had won his 6th and seventh world division titles by knockout over Ricky Hatton at 140 and stoppage of Miguel Cotto at 147, Mayweather had made a rebound and there was worldwide interest for their showdown.

Bob Arum make a move because he attempted to make the match among Manny and Floyd way back in 2010 however after an unpleasant, sharp extended arrangement, no arrangement was reached with the two players accusing and charging one another. At long last, it was resolved that it was Arum who chose to stop further talks. The two fans and specialists were partitioned as whom to fault for the exchanges falling through yet many accepted that Pacquiao being the dominant world and pound for pound champion merited regard and at any rate equivalent treatment by the Floyd camp. They additionally felt that Arum as the head advertiser and champion manufacturer that he was commonly seen to be, held the way in to the battle pushing through quit worrying about his turbulent past with previous top ward Floyd. With Pacquiao large and in charge, Arum was viewed as head of choices that would keep up as well as even improve his standing and height.

Winning a third contender of the year grant in 2010 after Manny had been named as Fighter of the Decade 2000-2009 on the quality of his consecutive FOY grants in 2008-2009 would have been high on Arum’s plan. However, it was not to be so. After the public’s interest for a conflict with Floyd was not met, Arum was required to locate a reasonable elective enemy for Manny in his initial battle for the new decade. Which was not needing. Shane Mosley, straight from his merciless knockout of Antonio Margarito for the WBC title had given his test for a Pacquiao unification battle. At that point there’s the then undefeated WBA champion Andre Berto who additionally pronounced his craving to meet Pacquiao. Be that as it may, what did Arum do? He picked Ghanaian WBO strong competitor Joshua Clottey as Manny’s rival in a title safeguard session held at the recently opened Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The battle was by one way or another an advertising and business achievement however it neglected to draw the normal 50,000 crowd. Yet, as a battle that would improve Manny’s notoriety, it flopped drearily. What would one be able to anticipate from Clottey whose notoriety was based upon his harsh early title challenge of Cotto, the man Manny mauled for the WBO crown only months prior?

Clottey kept up a reception apparatuses hands covering the face safeguard for nearly the sum of the 12 round session and barely represented a similarity to danger in losing a close to shutout choice to Manny. Arum would have been required to compensate for this bungle of a match and verily, he jumped upon an opportunity for Manny to strive for and win his eighth world division title at super welterweight with the WBC. Prior, Argentine Sergio Maravilla Martinez cleared the WBC super welterweight title subsequent to winning the WBC middleweight crown in exceptionally amazing way over American protecting titlist and noted KO plane Kelly Pavlik in a colossal miracle. With the success, Martinez hence turned into a main possibility for the Fighter of the Year 2010. Yet, rather than searching for the right, reasonable and well meriting rival, a top of the line competitor at 154 lbs at that for Manny as a countermove, Arum figured out how to persuade the WBC to bless Tony Margarito as Manny’s title enemy for the empty 154 lbs.

On paper, the Pacquiao-Margarito seemed like a fine matchup that followed the prior example which portrayed and recognized Manny’s climb as top pound for pound multi division title holder a little incredible warrior standing his ground as well as ruling greater great men. Presently, what wasn’t right in this matchup? Margarito lost a merciless KO to Mosley in dropping his WBC welterweight crown in a battle where he was found with a couple of gloves cushioned with concrete like substance for which he was inconclusively suspended from battling in the USA. Falling off that misfortune and extensive dormancy, Margarito through the plot of Arum had the option to get a permit to battle in California, have himself appraised by the WBC and given the order to battle Pacquiao for the empty WBC super welterweight crown. One shaky explanation given by Arum with respect to why Margarito merited this shot was that the Mexican claimed a stoppage prevail upon the then actually cutting-edge Maravilla Martinez a couple of years back in Spain.

For goodness as the battle went, the sum total of what Margarito had was his overwhelming size and what was left of his ability and punching power. After a serious hardly any rounds, soon the battle declined to a bungle, a defeat even as Manny needed to consistently motioned and argue the ref to stop the gore. Which the arbitrator didn’t notice to coming about to Margarito enduring a profession finishing eye attachment bone breakage.The triumph looked great on video newsreels however many were unconvinced that it was one more major verifiable achievement. Then, Maravilla Martinez took on old foe and previous hero American Paul Williams who to not a couple of seemed like the second happening to the feared Tommy ‘The Hitman’ Hearns with regards to his WBC middleweight crown. After an incensed opening round where the two contenders had their minutes, Martinez sent Williams smashing oblivious face first to the canvas with a devastating left snare to the jaw.

The battle earned Martinez the KO of the Year as well as the Fighter of the Year grants. Pfft went Pacquiao’s fantasy of a third continuous Fighter of the Year honor and possibly his fourth in five years. All due to Arum out of nowhere returning to his old methods of particular matchmaking. We could just currently envision what might have been had Arum set Pacquiao in opposition to Mosley in 2010, not in 2011 after Shane had lost to Floyd, or even only the then still unbeaten and exceptionally respected Andre Berto. What’s more, later combined him against an evaluated and well meriting super welterweight competitor like Sergio Mora or Alfredo Angulo, not Margarito for the empty WBC title. Winning those apparent battles astonishingly would have given Pacquiao a more grounded offer for the 2010 FOY grant.

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