Janine Berdin’s new look will leave you speechless


Oftentimes, women forgot to put themselves first and would take care of others selflessly. However, taking care of yourself is not a selfish act but a step into being successful.

Remember tawag ng tanghalan season 2 winner, Janina Berdin? She rose to fame when she won the TnT segment of Kapamilya Network’s noontime show, “It’s Showtime”. Now, she’s surprised fans and netizens alike on her new look!

She naturally beautiful even back then, one would envy those cheekbones and sexy lips. Nevertheless, she’s upgraded her look with her puple-ash hair and a fairer complexion.

She’s become one of the trending topics on twitter after posting her pictures in social media.

Janina explained in an interview why she decided to change her look. According to her, she’s not afraid of change. She’s also encouraging everyone to embrace change and choose to change something that is not making you happy.

Janina have been recieving positive comments from netizens, fans and friends because of her new look. She expressed her gratitude and admitted that she felt flattered in her recent interview with Darla Sauler.

Netizens are commenting different feedbacks on how she looks. One netizen felt like she looks like an anime character, another felt like she resembles Jessa Zaragosa and there’s also someone who commented she looks like Beyonce. Nevertheless, she looks stunning!

It was her voice that placed her in the spotlight. She’s currently working with ABS-CBN, with performances in ASAP Natin To, mall tours and TV guestings. We wouldn’t be sur prised if we see her in a movie, she’s such a talented girl.

She’s already started her career in the music industry as she’d already sung music renditions for kapamilya TV shows. As well as her in career in acting, when she got featured in a few episodes of ‘Wansapanataym’.

Some netizens commented that she might’ve undergone cosmetic surgery – specifically a nose lift – because it looked different than before.

Janina had not commented on this yet, however, it shouldn’t matter if she did as it is her money and decision. Nevertheless, she’s a beauty inside and out.

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