Actor Buboy Villar and American live-in partner Angillyn Gorens decides to separate


Love as it is may not be enough. In 2016, couple Buboy Villar and Angillyn Gorens announced that they are living together. In 2018, having babies together, Villar stands as a family man.

Being a young dad, he strived to support his family. However, as things go, the couple faced obstacles that might be big enough for them to overcome.

In a interview, Angillyn’s sister – Veybillyn Gorens, confirmed the break up yesterday, October 5.

It is normal for a couple to face through problems, differences, and obstacles together.

Angillyn explained that they did their best to try to fix their relationship but unfortunatelly, they couldn’t. As it happens, the couple decided its best to separate and focus themselves on being parents to their two children; Vlanz Karollyn (3) and George Michael (1).

According to’s interview with Angillyn, she revealed their relationship was already rocky two years ago. In fact, the couple did separate two years ago, but then tried to fix things. However, they recently realized that it wasn’t working anymore for both of them.

It was a mutual descision that they both go on separate ways and put their efforts in being parents to their kids.

Their decision as it turns out, was a good one for them both, as Angillyn says in a statement. Now they focus themselves on taking care of their kids.

They had an arrangement that Villar can visit the kids anytime or pick up the kids for bonding time.

As of now, the kids are staying with Angillyn’s parents which raised questions from fans and netizens alike. Even viewers of Buboy’s vlog were curious as to why the kids were not with either parent.

She explained that with Buboy placed on a regular show, he couldn’t promise all of his time to be with the kids. He’s taping almost everyday for show, Inday Will Always Love You.

Buboy’s parents already have their hands full with kids at their house.

On the other hand, Angillyn is currently working in America to be able to support the kids.

So the kids were entrusted with Angillyn’s parents’ care so they can be well looked after. Buboy fully supported the idea and as for Angillyn’s parents, they couldn’t be any happier. They’ve already spoiled the kids to boot.

Angillyn could only resort to video calls with her kids as she’s currently in America. Buboy even video calls her whenever the kids are with him. They are both in good terms with each other even if they are not together anymore.

They are both working hard for the future of their kids in their own way. In a couple of years, Vlanz will be going to school so they are both preparing for that. Buboy is making more contents for his vlog so that he will have a source of income when he doesn’t have shows or movie projects, and Angillyn is working hard in the U.S.

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